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In a new development, the upcoming iPhone 12 series looks to be all set to launch on September 8 this year. Other than the iPhone 12, the Apple Watch Series 6 is also set to make an appearance at the launch event.

According to the leakster who goes by the Twitter handle called iHacktu Pro (@ihacktu), the iPhone 12 and the Apple Watch Series 6 will be launching on September 8, 2020. Also, the upcoming iPad Pro, the Apple Glass, and the MacBooks rocking Apple’s in0house chipsets will also be making an appearance on October 27.

Apple iPhone 12 coming soon

Although nothing is official yet, the September 8 date looks more realistic considering Apple’s choice of dates in the past years. The iPhone 11 series was launched last year on September 10 which was a Tuesday. The launch date, according to the tipster – this year is September 8 which is also a Tuesday as well. This is usual of Apple keeping things on schedule.

Other than the iPhone 12 series, we can also expect the much-awaited AirPower – the wireless charging power mat which was decommissioned last year for want of better standards – more specifically – Apple’s high standards. The AirPower project was first tipped to arrive by Front Page Tech founder, Jon Prosser. Prosser has been behind a number of Apple-related leaks in the past and is reliable.

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