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Telecom major Airtel is reportedly giving away free data to select users. The additional data of 1GB is being provided to a number of users who have recharged a special plan. Here users are getting more data than promised.

The additional free data is not for all users. The plan is being offered at random and users are bring notified via a text message.

The additional data which is offered free of cost gets a validity of three days only. This is the same move that Reliance Jio made with its users last month. The India telecom major had been spotted doling out 2GB of daily data to select prepaid users.

The free data was spotted by OnlyTech forum member DJ Roy who reported about the free data from Airtel. The Airtel subscriber used a Rs 48 data pack and received a total benefit of 4GB.

The data amount which is promised with this pack is 3GB and the extra 1GB was provided by Airtel for free. The telcom also sent Roy a message to inform the extra 1GB of data which has been added to their account free of cost.

Airtel also told the user that the validity for the 1GB data is only valid for three days and has been rolled out on a trial basis. A separate Rs 49 recharge pack also saw 1GB of free data being added on a trial basis by Airtel.

The Rs 49 pack brings 100mb of data and a talk time of Rs 38.52. The 1GB data was provided via an SMS message with a validity of three days.

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